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Montgomery Home Inspection
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Home Inspection Services Serving
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  • Pike Road
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​​Montgomery Inspection LLC is your premier home inspection company in the greater Montgomery area. Licensed and insured with thirty years of Engineering and Inspection experience to provide a fully state compliant inspection.

Service First is not just a Slogan 
You do not pay until 100% Satisfied

House Infrared Photo
Drone used for roof and Home Inspection


Typical Home Defects

Old Shingles
Improper Shingle installation
Shingle Tear

Old Shingles Past Useful Life

​Improper Shingle Roof Installation

Shingle Tear - Defect in Roof System

Vent Boot Deterioration
Improper Flashing Detail
Foundation Failure

    Roof Vent Boot Deterioration

   Improper Flashing Installation

         Foundation Failure

EIFS Failure
Leaking Dishwasher
Water Damage Due to Infiltration

     Evidence of EIFS Problems

 Leaking Dishwasher-Water Damage

Tile Failure Due to Water Infiltration

Home Inspection of Tub to Floor interface
Water Damage under Sink
Plumbing and Electrical Improper Installation

  Missing Caulk - Water Infiltration

      Evidence of Water Leak

  Improper Plumbing and Electrical

Exposed Wire - Heat Damage
exposed wiring in Attic

   Improper Electrical Installation

    Exposed Bare Electrical Wire

  Exposed Wire Connection in Attic

Burnt Outlet
Hot Devices in Panel
Paul Probst Home Inspector Montgomery alabama

         Burnt Electrical Outlet

    Hot Electrical Devices in Panel

            Inspecting HVAC Unit